When it comes to compliance with regulations, readiness and precision is a crucial factor in advisory services. Thus, VTZ has an area for matters and products that fall within sensitive and highly regulated sectors. Our practice addresses the mandatory procedures required to import goods legally and without costly setbacks, such as permits, registration in government records, and conformity assessment procedures.

Conscious of the actual needs of our clients, we fully understand that the entry of products into the Mexican market for distribution depends on the compliance of technical regulations and non-tariff barriers.


Industry-specific matters (Health and Environment)

We offer our wide expertise in different specialized procedures, such as import and export permits, certification of technical regulations, trademarks, as well as environmental authorizations for the importation of toxic or dangerous materials, endangered species clothing and apparel, phytosanitary certificates, among others.

Food, Beverages, and Supplements

We have over 15 years experience in advising and filing administrative procedures in the food industry before Mexican sanitary authorities. In particular, we support companies to obtain permits, registrations in government records, operating notices, and sanitary licences

Trade Instruments

We advise companies so that they can take advantage of tariff benefits with international trade tools, such as registering to export/import programs  PROSEC, Rule 8, as well as creating or unfolding tariffs, among other matters.

Relevant Cases

We succeeded to grant market access for food-related products produced by two leading companies, including food supplements, infant formulas, cereals, etc., by adapting the labels in conformity with Mexican regulation, and obtaining sanitary permits.

We assisted the Mexican Association of Infant Products and the National Association of Tyre Importers in minimizing their operating expenses by reducing import duties, creating and modifying of tariff codes, as well as obtaining PROSEC and Rule 8th.

We managed to include “lastol”, an innovative fiber that resembled “nylon” and “spandex”, as a fiber that could be introduced in the description of inputs of labelings of garments.

We represented the main producer of wood pallets in Mexico in design and implementation of a technical regulation on packing for international shipping, adapting the relevant international standard to the conditions of the mexican market.


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