International Trade Law

Companies, trade associations and governments have relied on VTZ’s ample experience in trade matters. By being one of most specialized trade law firms in the country, capable of understanding the inherent complexities of the regulatory landscape, we are well prepared to support and guide our clients in doing business globally.


Trade Remedies And Safeguards

Our firm has over 50 years of collective experience in antidumping matters. VTZ played an important role in the creation of the Mexican Antidumping System and has contributed to the trade remedy legal framework. We have participated in a majority of international trade-related disputes in Mexico (over 100 procedures on dumping, subsidies and safeguards), and represented both domestic manufacturers, as well as foreign companies from all over the world, dedicated to all sorts of investigated goods. We have appeared before domestic courts, NAFTA Panels, and advised foreign governments in connection with WTO/DSB disputes.

Free Trade Agreements

We interpret applicable the legal provisions of free trade agreements (NAFTA, Europe, TPP, etc.); we assess the possibilities of obtaining duty phase outs, amendment to rules of origin, short supply, as well as other applicable procedures. During free trade negotiations, we advise and represent industries before the Mexican trade negotiators to obtain or defend market access and preferences.

Duties and non Tariff Barriers

Through statistical, industry and market analysis, we provide assistance in order to obtain the amendments of tariff items and duty levels; the creation or elimination of tariff items; the incorporation of tariff items into sector-specific programs or for the establishment or elimination of non-tariff restrictions. As experts in industrial policy, we are able to better understand our clients needs.

Statistical and Economic Analysis

We conduct economic and statistical studies that serve as a basis for procedures and/or applications submitted before the Mexican Government, including tariff studies, assessment of material injury to a certain domestic manufacturing sectors, as well as studies on specific industries that serve during the negotiation processes of trade agreements. We prepare market access studies for our current and prospective clients; and, through commercial intelligence, we try to obtain information on imports, exports for comparative analyses.

Special Economic Zones

For more information, check our Special Economic Zones Report.

Relevant Cases

We have participated in virtually all high profile trade remedy investigations, for instance, Cold Rolled Steel from Korea, Apples from the USA, High Fructose Corn Syrup from the USA, Pork Ham from the USA, Denim from China, Welded Steel Pipe from India, among dozens of others.


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