Dispute Settlement

Mexican authorities involved in international trade matters on occasions can complicate or even jeopardize business operations, affecting gravely the commercial interests of economic agents. It is therefore crucial for companies to rely on a firm with a specialized practice and profound knowledge, VTZ’s specialism and business-oriented approach is able to provide practical solutions to complex legal situations and, if necessary, develop a top-notch legal defense before domestic courts or international panels.


Trade & Customs Defense

Our comprehensive knowledge of the international and domestic legal frameworks and extensive practice in trade and customs matters allows us to provide a unique approach when developing a legal strategy against acts of Mexican authorities. Our trade & customs defense practice includes assisting companies on in-spot verifications, alternative defense mechanisms aim at reducing contingent liabilities determined, as well as challenging decisions of authorities before Mexican courts.

Tax Defense

In cases where the Customs or Tax authorities adversely affect our client’s interests, our approach is to develop and find the most business-friendly solution. We are firm believers that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms can be the most cost and time efficient legal means in resolving disputes. Yet, if this is not possible or convenient, our experts will also be able to provide a robust legal defense, always seeking to protect our client’s commercial interests.

Consumer Protection & Regulatory Defense

Failing to comply with technical regulations or to prove compliance before Mexican authorities can lead to a complex legal and business affairs. Our team of experts are aware that a prompt and business-friendly solution is required, and thus we counsel and support companies to take immediate action in taking advantage of the mechanisms that provide speedy solutions, or challenging seizures or fines imposed by Mexican authorities.


VTZ is one of the Mexican Law Firms that most frequently appears, if not the most, before NAFTA Panels that review anti-dumping decisions of the Mexican Ministry of Economy. Our experience allows us to better address the inherent complexities that this kind of international arbitration proceedings entail. As for our WTO experience, we have provided counsel to WTO members in their DSB proceedings, who have challenged successfully trade measures before WTO Panels.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

VTZ is aware that our foreign clients may have payable bills in Mexico due to their international trade operations. We, therefore, have set up a team that can address and resolve this kind of legal issues nationwide.

Relevant Cases

Executing the first customs settlement agreement in Mexico with a value of over 120 millions pesos, concerning the importation of goods of the medical sector.

Obtaining a customs processing fee (DTA) refund of 80 million on the importation of fertilizers after a five year litigation process.

Having participated in most NAFTA chapter XIX proceedings, such as High fructose corn syrup from United States, Pork ham from United States, Ether from the United States, among others.

Having assisted governments in WTO Panel disputes High fructose corn syrup from United States and Steel Pipes from Guatemala.


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