Business Law

Corporate dealings often overlook matters related to import and export transactions. We therefore, guide and assist with due diligence and strategic business planning to determine the effect of customs and trade regulations on business operations. Our contacts in the international trade community can be of assistance to clients in locating possible sources of supply, potential buyers, sellers or joint venture partners.


Corporate and Commercial Law

Bearing in mind the complexities of the trade and customs landscape, we are able to provide a unique service when negotiating all types of contracts for our domestic and foreign clients, making it the greatest strength of this practice.

Our experience includes negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements; maintaining corporate books and records; providing guidance to companies in connection with due diligence and to ensure the implementation of proper corporate governance mechanisms; advising companies on cross-border and multi-national transactions; forming corporate entities, creating joint ventures, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, organizing partnerships and creating trusts; preparing debt and equity investments; arranging for project finance and venture capital.


Though competition and trade are autonomous disciplines, on occasion they overlap. Hence, we have participated in antitrust investigations conducted by the Federal Antitrust Commission of Mexico involving companies with free trade operations, as well as obtaining merger authorizations. Our professionals have participated successfully in antitrust investigations and opposed concentrations that hinder free trade.


We conduct labor and employment audits and due diligence processes, and provide our clients with advice in connection with their human resources planning.  When necessary, we represent clients before labor boards and labor tribunals.

Relevant Cases

More than half a dozen joint venture consolidations, including a joint venture between a top 3 Mexican bank and the most profitable insurance company in the Netherlands; and a joint venture between two Fortune 100 companies devoted to technology and electronics for the manufacture of CD-ROMs.

Over 50 commercial transactions and agreements related to cross-border and multi-national transactions; corporate formation, creation of trusts; debt and equity investments; project finance and venture capital.

Over a dozen antitrust and competition investigations and advisory opinions related to the business dealings of firm clients, including, in a vast majority of cases, obtainment of successful results for clients.

Over 25 labor, social security and employments audits executed since December 2012 (Federal Labor Law Reform) to adapt labor organization charts of companies to the new provisions of the law, involving over 1,000 workers.


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