About Us

Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda (“VTZ”) does not present itself as a general practice firm. Rather, our practice is highly specialized in few areas of the Law, particularly trade related matters. We aim to maintain a specialized and reduced boutique-like practice to better address the specific needs of our clients. The members of the firm provide a joint approach, where the experiences of all parties are placed at the client’s disposal.



Originally founded as Foncerrada y Vázquez in 1967, the firm later adopted Vázquez Tercero y Asociados as its corporate name in 1973. While at its onset the firm focused on industrial policy, investment and trade control matters, it later shifted its practice exclusively to international trade matters when Mexico began opening its economy in the mid 80’s. Under the leadership of Héctor Vázquez, our founding partner and mentor of many Mexican trade law practitioners, the firm became a leader in matters related to GATT/WTO, NAFTA, trade remedies, origin verification, customs and regulatory for the past forty years.

In 2011, Vázquez Tercero y Asociados joined forces with Eduardo Zepeda, and VTZ was the result of such synergy, establishing its first office outside Mexico City, in Guadalajara, with emphasis in trade-related tax planning and litigation. VTZ is expanding and now has five small offices throughout the country.

Proven Experience

Vázquez Tercero & Zepeda ("VTZ") is recognized by international rankings, such as Chambers and Partners, Who's Who Legal, and Legal 500, as one of the most respected and influential firms in international trade and customs law practice in Mexico.

The firm is best known for its Antidumping and Customs practices, including many of the most important trade remedy cases, as well as the development of the IMMEX and NEEC  legal framework.



To fulfill and exceed the expectations of our clients, providing highly specialized, premium quality and personalized services.


The firm and its members are guided and motivated by four pillars.

Excellence in our deliverables. We strive to go beyond the ordinary.

Dynamism, through the implementation of innovative legal strategies and constant training of our members.

Reachable, for meaningful results through a close and direct relationship with our clients to fully understand their needs.

Reliable in our actions, maintaining and promoting high ethical standards is a must in our daily activities.


Being a highly specialized firm, recognized both nationally and internationally, that seeks to solve  our clients’ needs or provide improvements in the most efficient manner.


We serve a diversity of clients, from highly experienced companies to firms seeking their first operations overseas, to sophisticated individuals and national governments. We are dedicated to help companies throughout the world to compete and have access to the Mexican market. Because our practice is international and our clients are located throughout the country and abroad, VTZ has correspondent offices in major cities in Mexico and maintain close ties with law firms in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the United States.

List of clients are available upon request.

Relevant Cases

Trade remedies  cases

Cold Roll Steel from Korea
Apples from the USA
High Fructose Corn Syrup from the USA
Pork Ham from the USA
Denim from China
Welded Steel Pipe from India
Welded Steel Pipe, representing an Indian Company (Safeguard)

NAFTA Panels

Glycol Monobutyl Ether from the USA
High Fructose Corn Syrup from the USA
Pork Ham from the USA
Stearic Acid from the USA
Ammonium sulphate from the USA


High fructose corn syrup from United States
Standard steel pipes from Guatemala