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Verónica Y. Vázquez Bravo

Partner, Mexico City

Partner of  Mexico  City office,  Ms.  Verónica Vazquez  is the head  of  the  Regulatory  practice  area,  and  she  is  actively involved  in  the  Customs  law  practice.  Ms.  Vázquez  also assists  in  trade  remedies  investigations,  and  intellectual property matters.

Practice Areas


• Sanitary Permits
• Environmental Permits
• Labeling
• Inspection of labelling rules
• Intellectual Property

Customs Law

• Customs Duties
• Customs procedures
• Infringement and sanctions
• Tariff Classification
• Rules of Origin
• Export Programs
• International Trade Audits


Ms  Vázquez  has  more  than  10  years  of  experience  in regulatory    and    customs    matters,    assisting    foreign companies that wish to do business in Mexico. She actively provides  assistance  to  companies  that  require  permits  or authorizations  to  import  goods  and  operate  in  the  country, such  as  sanitary  and  environmental  permits,  among  other; additionally,  Ms  Vázquez  has  extensive  experience  and specialization  on  labeling  requirements  and  intellectual property matters, such as trademarks.

As  for  her  main  expertise,  Ms  Vázquez  provides  legal assistance  on  a  wide  array  of  custom  matters,  from  tariff classification   issues   to   export   programs   and   IMMEX, including  customs  certification  programs,  and  audits. Ms. Verónica also supports the International Trade Law practice area, particularly in trade remedy investigations.


Spanish, English, French


Academic Degrees
Bachelor in International Trade, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico City Campus (1999)

Additional Academic Experiences
Seminar on Mexican Customs Law, Grupo Maerker, S.C. (2007)


• Mexican Association of Children Products

• International Trade Commission of the Mexican Institute of Certified Public Accountants

• Circle of Trade Specialists

News and Publications

Interview  as  Manager  of  Mexican  Association  of  Children Products on TV  Azteca  with  Alberto  Aguilar,  Names  within Hechos de la Noche.

Verónica Vázquez participates as a professor in a Customs Law seminar organized by Universidad Insurgentes in 2015.

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